My name is Mike Wells (PSTEC Master Practitioner & Certified Master Hypnotherapist)  I'm based in Morecambe, Lancashire, UK. I have been a qualified therapist for over 35 years and  trained in many areas of application, such as Direct Suggestion, PSTEC, NLP, Analytical Therapy, Bio-Feedback plus many more modalities.



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Fears, Phobias, Anxiety, Stress etc

I specialise in one to one therapy, working on fears and phobias; such as spiders, heights, snakes, wasps, moths, etc.; also anxiety, self worth, self esteem and stress related issues, in fact the list is endless. When working on areas connected to emotion each area of concern is resolved individually and I will teach you how to nuetralise the emotion that is attached to it.  The issue or area concerned and the emotional feeling will dissipate completely and never affect the person's life again. Results can be achieved in a single one hour session but depending on the individual, sessions may take a little longer.  


Psycho-Analysis & Analytical Therapy:  

This kind of therapy is one to one and I teach you how to search the sub-concious and bring back and remove repressions, (hidden memories connected to emotions) and any issues from the past; once released it dissipates through the Psyche. This is known as 'Cause and Effect' and once released can never return to interfere in a person's life ever again. This kind of therapy will give you an insight into and an understanding of early formative years. The sub-conscious is like an organic computer containing corrupt or unwanted files, (memories/repressions). This is quite normal and we can pick up many repressions during our lifetime. The computer (subconscious), needs de-fragging and the unwanted corrupt files removed.

(Four to six weekly sessions.(1 hour sessions) Payment in full before the start of therapy) 


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PSTEC Stories are about how everyday people with everyday issues who are using PSTEC to help them transcend those issues. These stories are provided to help you learn ways that PSTEC might help you or give you tips about how to use PSTEC.

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Interview with Tim, the owner and creator of PSTEC.

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  Below are actual audio's and events representing this individual's particular experience and while the stories and experiences are quite impressive, they do not guarantee nor indicate that you would also acheive the same results.

If you would like to arrange an appointment to see me direct or you would like advice or help regarding the use of the click tracks then tel: 01524 427072 0r Mobile:07735089653  Kind Regards & Thanks for looking.     add me on facebook... morecambe hypnotherapy








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